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Latest Screenshot November 2023

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Note: Most graphics are placeholder "programmer art", and are subject to change over time.

Procedurally generates cities, buildings, and roads.

Disclaimer: The video shows very early stages and without any building interiors.

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Run away scared or fight against hordes with thousands of enemies!

The game uses a custom engine capable of handling thousands of enemies!

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Find a working vehicle and get further away faster!

Disclaimer: The video shows the first concept vehicle.

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Chop some trees, loot some houses, explore the world!

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The world is infinite, so there's a lot to explore…

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Craft weapons, building material, and anything else you need to survive in the world.

Coming soon

Build bases, set traps, reinforce walls and fences, and see if you can survive the next horde of enemies!

Coming soon

Survive the world with other people!

Multiplayer is planned for the future, but is currently only experimental.

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